Your media player software, like iTunes, allows you to view your tracks’ lyrics, if you addendum them to the songs’ metadata, except seeing them isn’t all you can do with the lyrics…

Adding lyrics to your MP3s is a excellent great idea for these purposes:

1. “Hold me close, Tony Danza” — that’s what my wee female thought Elton John was singing in Tiny Dancer when she was about limerick years old. If she had had lyrics embedded in her MP3 of the song, she might have known better.

2. Karaoke — your favorite songs, but for you singing. There are software applications that allow you do Karaoke with your digital music collection.

3. Creating playlists — this is my favorite reason to add lyrics to my digital music. Using the lyrics in your songs, you jug create lyrics-based playlists. For example, say you want to make a Halloween playlist. All you have to do is make a playlist with MP3s whose lyrics include the words “dracula”, “werewolf”, “frankenstein”, “blood”, etc.

Now that you know why you clout scarcity to add lyrics to your songs, how is it actually done? There are many software applications that will do this, but before using one, you need to decide which type concerning tagger choice work best for you.

There are two primary types of MP3 lyrics tagging applications — single-song taggers and batch taggers.

1. Single-song taggers lookup lyrics et cetera add them to your track’s tags one song at a time. If you are just curious about a song’s lyrics, either if you want to use it for karaoke, then a single-song tagger will get the job done for you. Mini Lyrics ( is my idol single-song tagging software application. It’s free, it’s easy to use and it works with your existing media player software.

2. A batch tagger gets lyrics for uncut of your songs in different continuous process. Unlike single-song taggers, batch taggers work automatically to look up lyrics for various songs at a time. Zortam ( is a batch tagger that I’ve used to tag over 8500 songs at a time.

Zortam is my favorite batch tagger. It’s fast and efficient. It tagged my 8500+ songs in just inferior six hours furthermore did it all without slowing down my computer, crashing alternative having other problems that plague other applications. Download a trial version and give it a try yourself at A lifetime license of Zortam costs $29.95, while just a version 11 license is $21.95. Installing Zortam et sequens letting it run in batch mode for a few hours was definitely worth the $29.95 for a day license.

Of the nearly dozen lyrics taggers I tried, Mini Lyrics and Zortam were by far the best.

I no longer sensation what the lyrics are, since adding lyrics to my MP3s about a year ago. I’ve also been able to create lyrics-themed playlists for parties, my family and for my own listening pleasure. For plus information on adding lyrics to your MP3 files and other music topics, make sure to follow the links below.