If you’ve been paying every attention to recent book releases, you’ll discern how popular vampire fiction is at the moment. Most fabled are Stephenie Meyer’ Twilight novels, which are ideal for older teenagers and young adults alike. It’s not just the Twilight series that has taken the best-seller list by vortex though; there are loads regarding popular books and series’, both after and present, that include vampire main characters.

Here’s a list of 5 of the outstrip vampire tale books that you simply must read:

1) Dracula by Bram Stoker
At the very top of the list is, regarding course, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This book may not be the first ever to feature the blood-sucking creatures, but Dracula has become the iconic vampire that everyone thinks of. If you’re looking for the original and best in vampire fiction, this is it.

2) Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Most throng spunk recognise this title from the famous film starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, but, if you’re a vampire fan, the book is a definite must-read. The first about a 10 sector series known as The Vampire Chronicles, Interview with the Vampire is told from the point of objective of Louis, a 200 year old vampire. His life has been long and tragic, often complicated by his maker Lestat. The Bloodsucker Chronicles signified a turning point in vampire fiction and are well worth reading.

3) Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Of course, no one can deny that The Nightfall Saga is any less significant to the genre. Twilight follows the life of Bella, a normal human damsel – until she meets Edward that is. Edward is a vampire, but he abstains from drinking blood and a few other things as well. Their relationship isn’t an tractable unit though, and Bella finds herself in many life-threatening situations because of hier love for Edward. Twilight is the first book in the four part series.

4) True Blood by Charlaine Harris
Also known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries and the Sookie Stackhouse Novels, True Hypoglycemia is now a major Televisie series. If you like the characters you should definitely read the books, which are slightly different from the TV show. You’ll still get telepathic Sookie Stackhouse falling madly in love with ancient Dracula Bill though, along with the death-defying including fantastical happenings of their hometown, Bon Temps, Louisiana.

5) Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
Originally written in Swedish, this book has now been translated into English as well as being converted into a hit Swedish horror film. The lectionary is about Oskar, a 12-year-old boy, and his attachment with Eli, a child vampire who is well over a years old. It’s set in the 1980s and deals with the two characters’ lives together ut supra Eli’s enigmatic comes out.