Plus whom else rather than with your long-term girlfriends would you pay the second-most important night of your life? Post all, you have matured together also you own gone done for a lot of clothes over time. Or, presumably, after your wedding, you’ll not be able to spend as much shot together and, even if you would, you wouldn’t feel as free to speak about your husband as about your numerous ex boyfriends substitute as at ease to discuss about recipes you are trying at home, over a coffee with your girlfriends ergo talkative on the subject of their latest designer clothing purchases. Thus, it’s quite likely your interests will be different and, therefore, you have to put even more thought in your hen sundown as in the last occasion of celebrating your friendship with sheer unadulterated pleasure.If in scholastic or college you shared a passion for all kinds of contests, especially the beauty ones, maybe now would be the proper moment to revive that passion by having an original hen night on this theme. Just imagine the fun of creating some personalized sashes for the award ceremony! While it is sure who will be ‘Miss Bride World’, it ashes to be decided, successive humorous tests, on who is to be ‘Miss One-Night Stand’, ‘Miss Diet’ or ‘Miss I’ve Told You So’. With a little brainstorming, you might have the funniest beauty pageant ever, as the audience of ‘Little Flub Sunshine’ definitely had when seeing a plump and graceless Abigail Breslin in such a contest, trying to be a stripper in contempt of her adverse physical qualities. And, anyway, it is worth doing your grand because you don’t want to be awarded a ‘Loser’ sash in the end, further there will be one for the poorest performer.If you were rather the fit girls at the time, standing fond of all sports and practicing as many as you could, then feminine sashes are not for you, so you would better choose for some hoodies characterizing you as ‘Mr. Personage Foot’, ‘Mr. First Crossing the Finishing Line’ or whatever reflects accurately your performances at the time. If you were, on the other hand, the Gothic girls of the ‘Vampire Bats’ band, then you stage nothing else than perform again, in some neon wigs, sinister leather miniskirts und so weiter fishnet tights, of course with blood-red varnish on your nails.It’s obvious that whatever interests you had in the past, with the right hen party accessories, you may revivify them on this night, being if everything happened just yesterday.