SparkleWebSiteLogo3.jpg Let’s face it, for a regular person window purifying is not something that sounds all that interesting but for us, the cleaning maniacs, it is as entertainment as going to Disney Land! However, if today is your window cleaning day you’re at the vindicate spot because I will teach how to make your windows sparkly clean in no time. I am ineluctability that after you wash down your windows you will feel a good sense of accomplishment in your tummy – here we go!

Unfortunately, this might not be a good day for you to clean your windows. Before you start any cleaning procedure it would be wise to check the weather. You’d probably think that a warm estivation period is the best possible time to clean your windows but you’re wrong. According to a cleaning agency in London, giving your windows a thoroughly cleaning in warm day is actually a bit counterproductive. In a warm day, the little puddle that is on your windows will evaporate quite fast and your windows will fleck in front of your eyes. That is why it is best to choose clean your windows on cycle that is a atom more gloomy.

So, what is the best possible way to make your windows sparkly clean? As you know, there are a lot of business window cleaning products but you don’t really need to resort to them. They are both way overpriced and bad for the environment because of the inclemency chemicals they contain. Choosing the “green” side concerning things is a field more better! There are plenty of non-toxic cleaning solutions you can prepare at home. Here is one that is really effective on windows – just mix equal parts of water and white vinegar. To put the cherry on this ice-cream just add a few drops of liquid soap. You can use a large bucket to mingle the ingredients but it will be a lot more comfortable if you use a atomizer bottle. Shake the spray bottle well and use it to apply the home-made cleaning unravel on your windows. Cleaners Arkley advice you to use a clean cotton cloth to thoroughly wipe your windows on both sides – the foreign side is usually dirtier since it is exposed to the outside world.

I have a friend who works for this very popular cleansing agency in London ampersand he let me in on a little secret. Vodka is great when it comes with tomato cider and Tabasco sauce nonetheless did you know that it is great for cleansing windows and glass surfaces? Not only that it cleans them quite well but it makes them more shiny than those ridiculous vampires from the novels of Stephanie Mayer. Once again, one part vodka with two parts like water into a spray bottle and shake well. This time do not apply the cleaning solution on the windows directly otherwise spray the cloth instead. By doing this you won’t have to scrub so callous ampersand the cleaning will be a lot more efficient. In Our Time that your windows are sparkling like disco balls from the 80’s why don’t you implant yourself a quick Bloody Marry to solemnize a job well done?